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American War Cemetery

Arizona State Tax Credit

View Our the Process Works Below. 

Our EIN # - 82-0677602

Our QCO # - 22556

  • DETERMINE YOUR STATE TAX OBLIGATION. Calculate the amount you will owe Arizona at the close of the year, taking into account payments made through withholding and similar programs.

  • DECIDE ON YOUR DONATION AMOUNT. For the tax year 2023, the program maximums are $841 for married filing jointly and $421 for single filers; for 2024, they increase to $938 and $470. Unused credits, representing donations up to the maximum that exceeded your actual tax liability, can be carried forward for up to five years. Contributions beyond the maximum are classified as charitable donations.

  • MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTION. (refer to form below) Choose to donate via credit card (online) or check (download form).

  • FILE YOUR DONATION RECEIPT. Online donors will promptly receive a receipt via email, while donations by mail will be processed within two weeks.

  • CLAIM YOUR TAX CREDIT. To secure the tax credit for your donation, file Arizona tax form 321 alongside your Arizona income tax forms (QCO: 20507). For Overflow/PLUS/Switcher donations, include Arizona tax form 348. Download these forms and their instructions here. Consult a tax adviser for additional queries.


Individuals - $421 

Couples - $841

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