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Employment Resources

At Veterans Helping Veterans Inc., we understand that finding a job can be a challenge for veterans, especially those who have recently transitioned out of the military. That's why we offer a variety of employment resources to help veterans find meaningful employment and build successful careers.


Helping Veterans Find Employment

Our employment resources include:

  • Resume and cover letter development assistance

  • Job search assistance, including access to job listings and job fairs

  • Career counseling and vocational assessment

  • Assistance with translating military skills to civilian job requirements

  • Networking opportunities with employers who value veterans' skills and experiences

  • Assistance with training and education opportunities to help veterans acquire new skills and advance in their careers

Contact Us

We also work closely with government agencies and other organizations to connect veterans with job training programs, apprenticeships, and other opportunities that can help them build successful careers.

If you're a veteran looking for employment assistance, please contact us at 928-978-5238 or click here to schedule an appointment with one of our employment counselors. We're here to help you every step of the way.

Resume Writing Resources

Visit the American Psychological Association for tips on building a better resume.

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